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                • 序 PREFACE



                  As one may question that where the origin of the western medicine is and who is the first one to light the fire of western medicine in mainland China, when you enter the European style building, here comes the answer!




                  In 1835, Peter Parker, the first U. S. medical missionary to China, opened the Ophthalmic Hospital at the Thirteen Alley in Guangzhou, which was rebuilt in 1859 after the Second Opium War by John Glasgow Kerr and renamed as the Canton Hospital (or Hospital of Diffusive Benevolence), the predecessor of the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hospital and the first western hospital in China.



                  This historic western hospital passed two centuries, experienced the ten decades of Chinese history from decay era to powerful and prosperous contemporary age. She witnessed the historical evidence that the western medicine start from sporadic single spark to prairie fire and become the mainstay of modern medicine.